Wologai Traditional Village

Wologai Village is one of the few must-visit villages in the Ende district. The houses are well-maintained, built in the traditional Lionese architectural style and made out of bamboo and palm fibre. Even though the houses are highly flammable, the kitchen is still located inside the house. The village has been burned down multiple times and had to be rebuilt again.

When you first come into the village, you will be welcomed by a giant tree at the entrance. Only when you go past the hill, the Wologai Village will appear. In the centre of the village, there is a ritual stage. Visitors are prohibited from entering the area because if you would enter, your soul would be trapped in the village forever.

In the main ceremonial house, several sacred objects are stored, including a spun drum. According to the story, the instrument is made of human skin. The drum is only used during important ceremonies and musicians play with a special kind of grass. Visitors are also not allowed to visit this house but feel free to look inside the non-ceremonial houses that are inhabited by the people of the Wologai Village.

Despite these few rules, you’ll find that the people of the village are extremely welcoming and friendly. They will guide you through the village with interesting stories and insights on their lifestyle, culture and tradition.

Travel tips

  • Listen to the rules of the Wologai and follow them carefully.
  • Go with a local guide to translate for you to avoid miscommunication.
  • The nearest town is Moni which is 16km away. Make sure to bring enough food and water.

Photo courtesy: http://florestoursandtreks.blogspot.co.id

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