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All throughout Indonesia, rice is a staple dish and is eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Thanks to the richness of its soil, rice is also widely available in Flores and the locals have created many different variations when preparing rice for their daily consumption. Their delightful way of cooking has included fresh ingredients, such as coconut milk and chili and every district on the island of Flores have their own specialty. When you are in Flores next and are planning to stay in a fishing village, always try the fresh fish! Usually the fish is fried use charcoal grill for an authentic flavour. Overall the food is pretty spicy so we recommend having some krupuk (prawn or rice crackers) with it, and no water!

Ruteng is renowned for its Bakso Soto and Soto Ayam as well as its deliciously sweet and crunchy Fried Bananas (Pisang Goreng). In Ende, do try boiled sweet yams prepared with fish steeped in coconut milk. You can add sambal according to your liking. This dish is called Waipunga or Uwikajundota and the fish dish is called Ikatopa. In Moni, try the Moni Cakes which are mashed potato filled with herbs and fried until crispy. In Riung, the must-try is the Squid Sate drenched in Ginger Sauce. For the ultimate experience in flavours, you should try eating a combination of rice and herbs wrapped in banana leaf stuffed in bamboo and then grilled. This special dish is called Are Po’o.

All dishes served in local warungs will cost you between 10,000 Rp and 50,000 Rp, depending on the dish you choose.

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