Waiara Beach

 Waiara Beach

Waiara beach is an absolute favourite holiday destination, not only amongst tourist and foreigners but also amongst the locals. It is a surprisingly well-maintained beach and the entry is free!

Many visitors visit Waiara for water sports like snorkelling, diving and swimming. But you can also relax on the beach and just enjoy the view, maybe even get a bit of a tan. Go there for sunsets for a mesmerizing view – you might even spot some sea eagles!

There are multiple resorts and hotels around the beach and various tourist shops where you can buy drinks and simple foods. The beach is only 10 kilometers from Maumere in the Sikka sub-district. You can reach the beach by car, motorbike or public bus. From the city centre, it will only take 20 minutes.

Travel tips

  • You don’t have to arrange your own snorkelling or diving gear but you can.
  • You can arrange diving trips along the coastline with several local companies.
  • Don’t forget to bring you camera to capture the true beauty of Maumere.
Photo Courtesy : https://www.beachvilla-indonesia.com/villa_beach.html

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