Visiting Bena Village 

Bena village is situated at the foot of Mount Inerie, the Ngada district. It has become a famous and recognisable village for the Ngada culture. The village is characterised by two parallel lines of traditional houses. In the centre are two sacred objects that represent male and female ancestors. The shrines are differently decorated and the male pole symbolises fierceness and virility. While for the female, it is a small hut which looks like a small house that represents the sanctuary of the house and the female body. Inside, there is room for two persons to hold rituals for their ancestors.

The houses are built in the traditional style and are centred on the ceremonial square. The village is also referred to as a traditional megalithic Ngada village due to the fact the megaliths serve to connect the spiritual world and communicate with their ancestors. The people are very friendly and willing to explain everything to you.

The villagers grow crops such as coffee beans, clove, cinnamon, and nutmeg. They also practise the traditional Ikat weaving and you can enjoy the beautiful architecture. Entry fee to enter the village is a small donation of 25,000 Rupiah after which there are almost no limits in taking photos etc. Bena can be reached using the Transflores highway using public or private transport.

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Travel tips

  • Visit Bena village
  • Talk to the locals and consider buying Ikat
  • Go on an adventure tour
  • Go trekking or hiking in Kelimutu National Park

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