Untouched Paradise; Kepa Island

Untouched Paradise; Kepa Island

What with the world seemingly running out of untouched and pristine tropical islands, finding complete peace and serenity may be a little difficult as technology and development follows us everywhere we go. But those who are feeling adventurous and wish to go back to nature can travel to the smaller Kepa Island which is located off the larger Alor Island in East Nusa Tenggara.

The surrounding waters around Alor are well-known for being home to the most beautiful underwater world. Kepa Island is one of the places just off Alor that is dubbed as a paradise for snorkellers, divers and nature lovers. Snorkelling is a must while you’re there and divers can explore the 42 diving spots located all around. The water is crystal clear and clean, and you’ll see a plethora of beautiful underwater creatures and corals.

To get to Kepa Island, you’ll need to fly into Kalabahi, the capital of Alor. Then journey by car for 90 minutes to the port for a 10-minute boat ride to Kepa Island. There are no modern hotels or villas here; you can stay at traditional homestays made out of bamboo and other natural materials. Please remember that maintaining the beauty of the sea and our surroundings depend on us – so please, keep Indonesia clean, and whatever you do, DO NOT throw your rubbish into the sea, the drains, the rivers or anywhere that is not meant for garbage. Be the responsible person and take your rubbish back with you.

Alor Island, or Pulau Alor is an untouched paradise that is located just east of Flores Island. It is part of the Alor Archipelago and is home to 150,000 people who speak 15 different languages along with Bahasa Indonesia. The capital city of Alor is Kalabahi, with an airport with flights to and from Kupang. While the majority of the island’s population are Protestant, there are also Muslims and Roman Catholics who live side by side in harmony as they continue to strongly practise and integrate animistic rites and traditions.

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