Unique and Must-See Attractions

Within Flores, you can find plenty of UNESCO heritage sites; one of them the Komodo National Park where the famous Komodo Dragons live. This animal can grow up to three meters long and is known to be very dangerous.

The rich underwater world surrounding Flores is also protected as they are home to many special animals like the Dugong. This animal mostly looks like a sea cow but was often mistaken as a mermaid hundreds of years ago. Another beautiful example is the 17 Islands Marine Park in Riung with its impressive coral reefs and marine life. It has been said that Riung might be home to one of the richest reefs in the world.

On the island of Kalong, or the “Flying Fox Island” located within Marine Park in Riung, you’ll be able to witness famous giant fruit bats as they take to the skies to feast at sunset. Also known as the large flying fox, the fruit bats mainly eats fruit, nectar and flowers. Fascinating colourful birds can be found in the more heavily vegetated parts of the island.

Another unique must-visit is the Liang Bua limestone caves in the district of Manggarai, the site for a spectacular archaeological discovery by a team of Indonesian and Australian archaeologists, geologists and paleoanthropologists. This is the spot where they found the “Homo Florensis”, a new kind of human species with a skeleton of very small stature, the size of a 3-year old child, 106 cm in height, and brain volume less than a third of modern person’s size. It was nicknamed ‘the hobbit’ due to its size and so far it has only been found on the island of Flores.

Photo courtesy:http://kids.nationalgeographic.com/animals/komodo-dragon/

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