Trekking at the Komodo National Park

One of the best ways to enjoy the naturally breathtaking beauty of the Komodo National Park is by trekking. That’s when you explore the area’s natural terrain on foot with the help of a local guide. If you were to book a tour package to Labuan Bajo and the Komodo National Park, trekking should already be included in your total package along with a slew of activities like island hopping, visiting the Komodo Dragons, and swimming with the Manta Rays.

One of the most popular and most Instagrammable locations for trekkers here at the Komodo National Park is Padar Island, a venue that has become somewhat an icon on social media representing the magnificent beauty of the park. If you didn’t already know, Padar Island is the third largest island in the park, and it sits between Komodo Island and Rinca Island, home of the Komodo Dragons.

The incredible panoramic view from the summit of Padar Island makes it a favourite with trekkers at both sunrise and sunset. Whatever you choose, you’re going to be trekking a little in the dark right before the sun rises or right after the sun sets.

Your guide or boat operator will sail you from Labuan Bajo port to Padar Island. Depending on your tour itinerary, you could either sail directly there or stop along the way at numerous locations to snorkel and dive. You could also stop at local villages along the way and see for yourself how the villagers from each unique village live their daily lives, how they make a living and also witness their age-old culture and beliefs.

Once you arrive at Padar Island, there is a set of stairs leading the way up to the summit and you’ll only need to trek for about 30 minutes to get to your destination. This is a loop trail that will lead you to the top of a small hill and from there; you’ll get to enjoy a great view. There’s a longer trail available where you’ll trek through savannah woodlands and through a favourite site for Komodo Dragons to build their nests – maybe you will even spot some young Komodo dragons. Also here you will enjoy amazing views across Rinca and other nearby islands.

Meanwhile, the longest trek will take two hours and is 3.5km long. This is an extension of the medium trek with an additional stop to a permanent waterhole, frequented by Komodo Dragons and their prey. This trek is recommended for those seeking to view even wilder Komodo dragons in their natural habitat, other wild animals, and the most enthralling views.

Those who are not used to trekking might struggle a little as the hike can be quite steep in some places. Along the way, you’ll come across plenty of opportunities for lookouts and photographs. At some point, you can see at least 4 beaches spread out below you. It will definitely be a moment that you won’t forget!