Traditional Local Light Bites & World-Famous Coffee

Traditional Local Light Bites & World-Famous Coffee


The next time you’re in West Manggarai, Flores, do try the signature Labuan Bajo Banana Cake and take some home as a souvenir for your family and friends. You can find this delicious cake at La Bajo Flores Coffee*. The Labuan Bajo Banana Cake is different from any other banana cakes as it includes a tantalizing mixture of bananas, cinnamon, walnut and red sugar. All ingredients used to make this cake are sourced from all over Manggarai. The delicious Labuan Bajo Banana Cake will go well with hot or iced Flores Coffee.

As the top 4 coffee producer of the world, coffee beans from Flores fetch high prices when imported to the United States of America and Europe. Coffee from Flores is known around the world for its sweet chocolate, floral and woody notes. Processed in the traditional style and without fermentation, this them highly sought after by coffee aficionados. The Florinese people love their coffee and drink it with almost everything; from breakfast, after lunch, with tea-time sweets and before or after dinner. Coffee is an important part of their day-to-day and is also served to guests along with sweets and cakes – it is even used as offerings during ceremonies and celebrations.

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Another local delicacy that is a must-try while you’re in Flores is the Kue Rambut or, in English, the Hair Cake. Typically eaten as a dessert or a type of sweet snack, the name Hair Cake is derived from its unique hair-like appearance. Triangle shaped and fried to a golden crispy brown, it entices with a delicious and distinctive smell of fried flour and brown sugar. It is also served at traditional events and ceremonies.

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