Traditional and Cultural Events

Traditional and Cultural Events

Flores doesn’t only offer traditional villages and breathtaking flora and fauna but has also various festival and events. Even though most events are traditional ceremonies, these serve to attract tourists who are keen on learning more about Flores’s fascinating culture.

The Ngada district is well-known for its cultural richness, but it is not only the architecture and surroundings that are worthwhile seeing. The Ngada people are strongly committed to upholding traditions. The most important ceremony is Reba, which is an annual thanksgiving. It is a celebration to show respect and thanks to God and the ancestors for being blessed with good wealth and harvest. Reba usually takes three days. These days are filled with ceremonies and ritual activities. Huge amounts of food crops and livestock are involved because it focuses on the legend of the community’s ancestors. They travelled from far away, looking for a better place to grow their crops and raise livestock.

When looking for something more adventurous, you might want to check out The Tour de Flores. This tour is a brand new event which only started in 2016. It is an annual event and a spin-off from the well-known Tour de France. The Tour de Flores will take participants through Flores, starting in Maumere and ending in Labuan Bajo. The route is separated in 6 different stages. Therefore, the tour shall last 6 days in total. It is a great way to exercise while enjoying the beautiful surroundings of Flores.

For those who are looking to combine culture with adventure, the Komodo Festival is perfect for you. This festival lasts a whole month and is located in Labuan Bajo. There will be various events like Photography Competition, Komodo Parade and Art and Music performances. During Komodo Festival, everyone is invited to visit the Papagarang Traditional Village.

Travel tips

  • Check beforehand what is appropriate to wear
  • Check beforehand if you have to sign up somewhere
  • Don’t forget to bring your camera and take beautiful shots

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