Traditional Alcoholic Drinks, Moke and Sopi

NTT To Legalize Traditional Alcoholic Drinks For Export Purposes

The Governor of East Nusa Tenggara, (NTT) Viktor B. Laiskodat, has plans to legalize NTT’s locally produced liquor, namely Moke, from Flores Island and Sopi from Timor Island. The liquor will be processed properly to be exported abroad.

This new plan and policy is expected to provide economic benefits to the community while at the same time helping to reduce crime rates within the community.

“This policy will help in the managing and processing of alcoholic beverages so that they can be made in accordance with standards that are set clinically,” says Head of Public Relations of Regional Police Jules Abraham Abast.

Moke and Sopi are not just an alcoholic drinks but have high cultural, economic and social values. They are symbols of tradition and brotherhood for the people of Flores and Timor and are also used to welcome guests to their homes, during traditional ceremonies, and other official activities.

Written by Olo Nadeak
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