Flores is an island that offers endless possibilities for tourists. Long hidden in the shadows of Bali and Lombok, the island of Flores is now emerging as a unique destination with its many undiscovered and hidden beauties. The waters surrounding Flores bear one of the most exotic and amazing underwater life worldwide and in addition is home to some special and majestic animals. Due to its unique geographical location, the island is strewn with many volcanoes which make the island perfect for hiking, trekking or even climbing! To preserve this beautiful island, UNESCO made several places their heritage sites, which are being protected very well.

The island is accessible from several airports but also by land and sea. Due to the size of the island and the Trans Flores Highway it is perfect for road-tripping! This allows you to take magnificent pictures and stop wherever you like!

As the island is still very untouched by tourism you will be able to find natural beauty everywhere. Making friends with the local people will enable you even more to discover local and traditional custom which are hundreds of years old. Due to the amazing hospitality of the people of Flores you are welcomed to have a look around and experience their celebrations and ceremonies.

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