Tour de Flores 2018 Is Cancelled

Tour de Flores 2018 Is Cancelled

This year’s Tour de Flores has been cancelled according to statements made by the Spokesperson of Komisi II DPRD NTT, in an article by Tribun Kupang. The cancellation is taking place as the government of Flores has decided to use the budgets originally allocated for Tour de Flores for other promotional activities including tourism vlogs and blogs,  instrumental songs for each region to further promote Flores, tourism awareness campaigns and the election of tourism ambassadors.

Tour de Flores was previously one of the biggest sporting events to be held in Flores. It is a road cycling championship which takes place over several days beginning at Larantuka in East Flores and ending in Labuan Bajo with a distance of more than 700 kilometers in 5 stages for ten days. Tour De Flores 2018 was originally inspired by other similar events, such as Tour De France (Since 1903), Tour De Singkarak (Since 2009) and Tour De Banyuwangi “Ijen” (since 2012). In the past, Tour De Flores covered a distance of 743 KM over 5 stages. The cyclists travelled throughout the length of the island’s covering 14,300 square kilometers at various temperatures.

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