Toja Bobu

December – Sikka, Flores

Toja Bobu is a beautiful dance-drama performance, which was brought to the Sikka village – also known locally as Sikka Natar – in the 16th century by the Portuguese. Traditionally held in the village during Christmas time, this is a story about a beautiful, young princess who was being courted by many men who had it in their minds to marry her. Also in the centre of Sikka village is an ancient church built by Jesuit Priests in the year 1899 and today, it is open to visitors. Take a look at the walls of the church which are decorated with local Ikat motifs. In the old days, the church was used to hold the inauguration of new kings along with Holy Communion. Sikka Natar is one of the most important and famous weaving centres in East Flores for the making of the Ikat. It is also one of the first places in Flores for Portuguese influence and Catholic missionary activities. *Photo by Cendana News

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