The village of Todo is situated 45 minutes away from Labuan Bajo and is located in the district of Manggarai. It was named as one of the best places to experience the long-standing Manggaraian way of life. The people of the Todo community were originally from Sulawesi; they fled the island in the hopes of a better life in Flores where they married natives.

In Todo villages you can experience the people’s traditional way of life including using traditional medicine, traditional oil light, pandan weaving and bamboo basket weaving. The villagers often get together to sing ancestral songs, share stories and perform dances. Todo only charges a small fee to make sure this traditional way of living can continue on. The village practises eco-tourism and you can participate in different kinds of tours!

Lingko, the ancestral spider web rice field is not located far from the village. Long before the people learned how to grow wet rice, the spider web rice field was used to grow corn and dry rice. The middle of the spider web functions as a ritual centre and is called lodok. In the centre there is a wooden pole and a rock that symbolise male and female, heaven and earth and the creation of mankind. It could be that several communities owned small pieces of land and every family could work on it. The land was divided in such a way of the distance between the finger, also known as ‘Moso’ which is Manggaraian for hand.

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Travel tips

  • Taste the local food
  • Try spicy but have some krupuk near-by
  • Stay the night in Tado village
  • Practice some of the traditional hand-made works

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