Three Famous Traditional Villages In Jerebu’u Valley, Flores

Flores has all the beautiful landscape that is waiting to be discovered, including its exotic cultural heritage that remains preserved by the local community. The local community in Flores are mostly living in remote villages far from modernization. Taken from kompas.comhere is the list of the top three traditional villages that you don’t want to miss when exploring Flores.

The Bena traditional village received a 4.5-star rating by Trip Advisor with lots of great reviews complementing its beautiful mountain views and local culture. Bena is situated about 16 km from Bajawa at the foot of Mount Inieri. Many tourists continue their journey to Bena after they have visited Labuan Bajo. There, guest can explore the traditional house and the local culture with a beautiful view of the mountain as its background. The cold climate is also suitable for the famous Bajawa Coffee plantation.

Tololela village is a traditional village situated at the altitude of 650 meter above the sea level in Manubhara village which is around 30 km from Bajawa. It is famous for its traditional wind instrument made from bamboo called bombardom. Bombardom is usually played during the Bombardom concert where they play a folk song about the origins of Tololela and explaining the contents of each traditional house, Ngadhu and Bhaga.

Gurusina Village can be found after a 19km drive from Bajawa to Bena, and it is quite accessible by car or motorbike. Rows of Megalithic stones are standing at the centre of the village and ready to fascinate the tourists who come to Gurusina. However, the village is burnt down on August 2018, destroying 27 houses from the total 33 traditional houses and burning the valuable heirlooms inside the house.

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