The Snail Island Of Lembata

The Snail Island Of Lembata

Another little paradise in Lembata, Awololong Island or Snail island is actually a large sand dune located in the middle of the sea. During low tide, the land will appear but disappear under the water at high tide. Sometimes a little point of the island that can be seen from afar. However, the size of the island itself is indeed small, about the size of a soccer field.

The reason it is called Snail Island is that there are a ton of snails that can be found here. At low tide, you’ll see plenty of locals visiting the island to collect snails which they will then cook for food. Local fishermen also come to Awololong Island for fishing.

Awololong island is a really enchanting place. Soft, powdery sands and clear blue water, it definitely will calm your mind once you see it. Sunsets at Awololong island is also great. Without anything to construct your view, you will enjoy one of the most magical sunsets against the dark sky of Lembata. Awololong island is located on the east side of Lembata island, in Nubatukan district. It’s only 300 metres away or 5 minutes drive from Lewoleba beach using fast boat.


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