The Parade of 1001 Sandalwood Horses

July – Sumba Island

Although not native to the island of Flores, the Parade of 1001 Sandalwood Horses on the island of Sumba is a magnificent event that should not be missed. This fascinating tradition is now a much anticipated annual event, attracting the attention of both local and international visitors. The entire festival will take place throughout the island over several days and in several regencies including West, East and Central Sumba. The entire festival is so visually appealing as the horses and participants will don colourful decorations and traditional clothing. Teams will compete against each other in front of a panel of judges for a set of criteria including the most impressive horse with the best decorations as well as the rider with the most skilful sets of horse management skills. Throughout the duration of the festival, guests will also be able to immerse themselves in more of NTT’s amazing culture like witnessing the making of a Tenun Ikat and traditional dance performances. *Photo by

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