The Mysterious Allure of Sabu Island

Have you ever heard of Pulau Sabu, or Savu Island? On the map, this mysterious little island is a tiny dot in between Rote and Sumba. It is home to 2 Marine Parks, breathtaking coastlines, waving palms, megalithic structures, the Sabu people and their ancient culture as well as the Ikat textile. Sabu is part of a mini archipelago – there are three islands that make Sabu: the main and biggest island is called Rai Hawu, the second largest is Rai Jua and then there’s Rai Dana, which is uninhabited but is considered sacred to the Sabu people. Visitors come to Sabu to meet with the friendly local people and to surf and to explore the island’s beautiful nature. Five out of six sea turtle species in the world also can be found in the Savu Sea ecosystem, as well as 30 species of marine mammals (whales and dolphins), including the endangered sperm whale and blue whale. To get there, you can take speed boats from Kupang, Ende in Flores or Sumba and you can also fly in from Kupang. Photo by

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