The Multicoloured Beach – Pantai Kolbano

The Multicoloured Beach – Pantai Kolbano

Pantai Kolbano or Kolbano Beach is fast gaining popularity thanks to various national television channels that have exposed the beach’s unique traits and location on air. Located 135km away from Kupang City in Kolbano district, Kolbano Beach is accessible by a 3-hour car drive. Along the way, you’ll enjoy views of Timor’s untouched countryside including verdant ricefields, farms and traditional homes.

Kolkano Beach is so unique as it does not only offer while sands, crystal clear waters and an amazing panorama; you’ll find that the white sands hide a multitude of multicoloured pebbles throughout!

A great weekend destination for families of all ages, Kolbano Beach is sandwiched between the clear blue sea and towering green hills. The unimpeded view is relaxing to say the least, and gives you a feeling of respite from the bustling outside world. Another great feature to look out for while you’re there is the giant rock formation that the locals call “Fatu Un”. Take a look and find the right angle, and the rock will look like a lion’s head. Feel free to climb on the rock for a magnificent view all around.

Quiet, clean and peaceful, Kalbano Beach is the ideal destination for those who want to get away. There are no warungs or shops nearby so remember to bring your own snacks and water. Please remember to bring your trash with you and keep Indonesia clean.



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