The Lamaholot Villages In East Flores

If you are interested in meeting the Lamaholot people, then make it a point to visit Lewokluok and Leworahang villages. These villages will also be perfect for those who have developed a passion and love for the Ikat. The Lewokluok village is a small village located in East Flores. The village is well-known for their speciality; making Ikat or how they call it kwatek kinge. The Ikat is made out of local and natural ingredients, even the dye of the cotton! These Ikat fabrics are only used during ceremonial functions, which give the cloth special meaning and value. Another must-see Lamaholot village is the Leworahang village. The people of this village mainly work as farmers or fishermen. The village is located near a beach is surrounded by lush green vegetation and is filled with well-maintained traditional houses. Both villages are accessible by car or motorbike and are approximately 26 to 30km from Larantuka. *Photo by Ng Sebastian

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