The Kue Rambut or “Hair Cake”

The Kue Rambut or “Hair Cake”

Kue Rambut, which means Hair Cake when translated into English, is a local Florenese delicacy typically eaten as dessert or a type of sweet snack. The name Hair Cake is derived from its unique hair-like appearance. Triangle shaped and fried to a golden crispy brown, it entices with a delicious and distinctive smell of fried flour and brown sugar. It is also served at traditional events and ceremonies.

Ingredients of the Kue Rambut include rice flour, palm sugar, coconut milk, water, salt and oil all mixed together to make a thin triangle shape before dropping it into a pan of hot oil. It’s usually enjoyed with coffee or tea and can also be given as gifts and souvenirs. They are easily found in shops or warungs across Flores.

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