The Historic Church of Sikka

The Historic Church of Sikka

Sikka’s Old Church is an important historical icon in Flores’s Sikka regency. It is over a century old and is built by Pastor Yohanes Engbers together with King Sikka Yoseph Mbako Ximenes Da Silva in 1899 during Portuguese Colonialism. The architect was Pastor Dijkmans, who also designed the Cathedral Church in Jakarta.

Sikka’s Old Church is prettily Baroque, which was the most popular architectural style in Europe at that time and built mostly with wood. Inside the church, paints with ‘ikat tenun’ theme decorate the wall, giving the church a rustic and artsy feel. In front of the church, there is a statue of a Pastor a holding a bible and a box for donations.

Next to the church is a little chapel that stores important religious relics including a couple that was brought over by King Sikka Da Silva himself from Melaka. These two religious icons are only visible to the public during mass on Great Friday. There are also two old cannons located at the front of the church which is a great spot for a selfie.

This church is located in Sikka village, 28 km away from Maumere, the capital city of Sikka. Every day many locals from Maumere and Larantuka come to visit. If you are going to visit this church, please don’tforget to shop some Ikat Tenun nearby. There are also some ladies who sell unique rosary made of shells.

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