The Hidden Village of Tutubhada

The Hidden Village of Tutubhada

Known by only a small amount people, the village of Tutubhada is located in the village of Rendu in the Aesesa Selatan Sub-District, only 10 kilometres away from the capital of Mbay. Thanks to its strongly preserved culture and traditions, this village is definitely worth a visit.

Here in Tutubhada, you’ll find Nagakeo’s traditional wooden houses used for rituals called Sa’o JiVao. With straw roofs built low almost to the ground, these traditional houses in the Tutubhada village don’t have any walls but look rich with intricate patterns carved in their supporting poles. Fun fact: “Sao” means house, “Ji” means power and “Vao” means auspice. In these houses, the tribes from Ulu Tana Tada Riwu King to Eko Tana King would gather.

The existing houses in Tutubhada were built in 1983 and every one of them went through 17 steps of traditional ceremonies. The final ritual, called Para Bhada is a ceremony that includes a buffalo sacrifice.

Travel tips:

–          Hire a private transportation with a local guide who can help you translate

–          Respect the locals and their culture at all times

–          Bring along a video camera

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Best of Flores – Flores Plus Magazine

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