The Healing Waters of Bekahara Hot Springs

The Healing Waters of Bekahara Hot Springs

Photo Source: RADAR NTT

Another of nature’s treasure of East Flores, the Bekahara Springs is located in Baniona Adonara Barat, Klukeng village, Flores Timur regency. Unbeknown to many, this hidden spring flows fresh throughout the year, no matter what the month or the season. In addition to being a water source for nearby plantations, the spring also produces hot water in its very centre. The water is said to have healing powers, and those who bathe in it can find some kind of relief from various ailments.

If you want to visit Bekahara spring, simply take a boat from Larantuka city to Adonara island, then continue the trip to Baniona Adonara Barat by car till you get to Klukeng Village. To get to the spring, you’ll have to walk the remaining 500 metres from the village until you find the location of the spring. The road is a little bit steep but worth it as you’ll be blessed with beautiful views along the way. The sounds of birds chirping and water splashing is a plus point from such a long journey.

The water from the river nearby is also utilized by the local resident as water source for their daily activity and agricultural irrigation. The surface of the spring produces boiling water. Different spots within the spring produce different temperatures. The spring water contains sulphur, which is said to be good for health.


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