The Forests of Flores

Flores is a large island. It stretches from East to West; covering 360km of land, with various different types of landscapes and height differences. In addition, Flores has one of the most biologically rich forests in Indonesia! From mangroves and bamboo forests to tropical rain forests, Flores has it all. In the west, in the Manggarai Regency, you can find the Mbeliling Forest. Spread over 15,000 hectares, the forest is home to many different plant and bird species that are indigenous to the area.

We surely recommend you to go on a trekking or hiking tour and explore the beauty of Flores. Other amazing forests such as those surrounding Mount Ndeki provide unique isolated mountainous scenery. Also, the forests around Wae Rebo village and Kelimutu National Park are definitely worth an adventure. The forests around Kelimutu National Park bear some rare species of plants such as red wood, pine and mountain fig. Although throughout Flores, many palm trees can be found, there is a special palm tree forest in East Flores which was used during the colonial time.

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