The Bugis Village In Wuring

Here in Maumere, you could visit a small fishing village called Wuring, which is home to the Bugis and Bajo people and located just 6km away from the city. It is a fun and friendly place to visit as the villagers are welcoming and friendly to guests. The village itself comprises unique colourful wooden houses built on stilts, the traditional-style Bugis home, which are quite interesting to look at. The Bugis people are known as sea-faring people and explorers and are experts when it comes to exploring the oceans and discovering new places. In the past, the Bugis have sailed towards the Malay Peninsula, Sumatra to establish power and communities there and in Singapore. Here in Wuring, the villagers are fishermen with amazing skills. They also build boats – although not the giant yachts or phinisis that they are known for. Women from nearby villages would visit Wuring to sell fresh produce and purchase fresh fish or salted fish. *Photo by

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