The Beautiful Beaches of Semau Island

Located west of Kupang, the capital city of NTT, Semau island is easily reachable with an easy 30-minute ride by boat. The island is clean, quiet and pristine, away from the noise and stress of any big city. There are only about 8,000 individuals living on the island, many of them are salt and seaweed farmers and fishermen. The beaches here are all blessed with sparkling white sands with clear turquoise waters, just like in the movies! Don’t forget to bring your cameras. Some of the most popular spots that you must visit while you’re there include Otan Beach, Uinian Beach, Oetebu Beach and Liman Hill. There are no accommodations in Semau Island. You can get there with a large wooden boat, from Tenau Port in Kupang. It’s great for a day trip with plenty of time to explore. Remember to bring along your motorbike from Kupang as there are no public transportations there at all and it will be hard to explore the island purely on foot. Photo by @dgoreinnamah on Instagram

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