The 17 Islands of Riung

The beautiful coastline in front of Riung is well-protected and has become a national park which is also protected by UNESCO. Although the name might suggest the national park consists of 17 islands, in fact, there are over 20 small and larger islands. The area is home to several special species of animals like the Timor deer, monkeys and ferrets. In addition, the national park is also home to many different kinds of birds which you will be able to see on your boat tour. It is believed that a type of Komodo species lives on the islands too, but this was never confirmed.

Like Komodo National Park, the 17 islands are mostly preserved for its rich marine life and beautiful coral reefs. There are at least 27 different types of coral reefsThe waters are full of marine mammals like dolphins and whales and of course amazing colourful fish. Due to the fact, the water is so clear, the park is perfect for underwater photography and of course swimming, snorkelling and diving. When taking a tour, the boat can visit several resting places for fruit bats as they inhabit a few islands. We recommend you also to take some time to explore Riung as it is a beautiful untouched town where you might be able to experience some of the Ngada celebrations. The entry fee to 17 islands is approximately 20,000 Rp. Be sure to bargain to get the best price!

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