Tengkulese Waterfall

Tengkulese Waterfall

Tengkulese Waterfall or Cunca Lega is named after the nearby village. Surrounded by lush green forest and rice terraces, this waterfall is a dream come true for people who are into photography.

The waterfall is accessible by a short hike. From Nanu Village it is only a 2.5 kilometre walk through gorgeous landscapes with beautiful surroundings. When you arrive at the foot of the waterfall let yourself be impressed by the astonishing two-tiered waterfall tumbling down from 100m. There are big brown rocks, which are luring to hop on but watch your step since they can be very slippery. Furthermore, it is also advised not to jump into the water because the water is very rough. Further down you will find smaller and calmer pools, which are safer and more relaxing.

From Ruteng it is only a two-hour drive to the starting point of the hike. The shortest route to the Tengkulese waterfall is from Liang Bua, which is only 15 km to the waterfall.

Travel tips

  • Make a pit stop at Tebo Village
  • This trip can be easily done in combination with a trip to the spider-web rice fields

Photo courtesy: http://discoverykomodoadventure.com/tengkulese-waterfall/

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