Tears Of The Gods; The Beauty of Atlas Pearls

Tears Of The Gods; The Beauty of Atlas Pearls

Atlas Pearls brings to you the highly sought after silver and white South Sea pearl, commonly known as the queen of all gems.

So revered are pearls that in the old days, Ancient Greeks believed that when the sun went down, oysters, attracted by moonlight, would float to the surface, open their shells, and collect the glistening evening dew. The dew would soon be transformed into a radiant pearl. In Persia, they are called “Tears of the Gods”.

Today most pearls are cultured, meaning that they are implanted with a nucleus to encourage the natural formation of a pearl.

Atlas South Sea pearls are harvested from five pearl farms extending through the Indonesian Archipelago to Raja Ampat. To reach their maximum potential, South Sea pearls require the truly pristine environment of remote areas such as the Indonesian Archipelago. Each pearl reflects the very state of the water and the environment in which they are grown.

South Sea Pearls In Indonesia

South Sea pearls have a legacy that stretches back thousands of years to the time when the first people of the Indonesian archipelago and Australia used oyster shells and their pearls as decorative elements and as trade items. Although the Indonesian archipelago was not a leading world source of natural pearls in antiquity as it is today, it has been an important nexus of world trade for at least 1,400 years, and pearls have played a small but significant role in the glory of the great maritime kingdoms of Indonesia’s past.

For hundreds of years, pearl formation was a total mystery. Then it was believed for a long time that pearls form when any foreign particle, like a grain of sand, enters the shell, and the oyster tries to cover it with its naceroussubstance to smooth the surface of the particles.

Each Atlas Pearl has a unique history encapsulating its four year journey, from hatchery to harvest. Consequently, almost like a human being, each pearl’s virtues will reflect the influence of man and nature along the way.

Atlas Pearls is among the few pearling companies which now controls hatchery techniques to breed and grow oysters. Oyster breeding allows selection of the best oyster parents to produce the best pearls.The challenge then is to produce the best food for the baby oysters to grow into a controlled environment before being released in the ocean.

Atlas Pearls nurtures, creates and retails high-quality pearls and pearl products, which, through their formation, are inextricably linked to the well-being of surrounding communities and environments. With every purchase of an illustrious pearl, you would also be indirectly supporting 900 local people and over 3000 local families who are working on Atlas Pearl’s five pearl farms located throughout the Indonesian archipelago and the Raja Ampat region (West Papua). These farms produce some of the world’s best silver and white South Sea pearls, nurtured by the loving hands of the dedicated staff at Atlas Pearls farms.

Thanks to hatchery, modern pearling is now a non-extractive and sustainable business. Four years of hard labour for the oysters, 3000 hands helping them, and your unique pearls now await you.

While at the Atlas Pearls farm in Labuan Bajo, take your pick of full tours with some exciting activities including:

  • Treasure Chest – A full jewellery collection presented onboard visiting private yachts in Raja Ampat.
  • Treasure Hunt – An activity available the North Bali and Labuan Bajo farm; here, guests can participate in a thrilling hunt to find a shell in the waters surrounding Atlas Pearl’s showrooms.
  • Treasure Pouch – Directly from the Farm Manager’s office, here’s your chance to view a pouch containing pearls which have just been harvested, for a first look at the last harvested gems of the sea. Available only in Labuan Bajo and Raja Ampat.
  • Treasure Bag – A selection of jewellery which can be presented on-land to guests who cannot visit the pearl farms.

On your next visit to Labuan Bajo, Flores, do visit the Atlas Pearls farm here to view for yourself the beautiful and high-quality Indonesian South Sea Pearls. For bookings and inquiries, please contact Atlas Pearls at  retailmarketing@cipindo.com.

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