Tea Eku Dance of Nagekeo

Written by Olo Nadeak
With edits by Flores Plus editor

You’ve probably heard of the spectacular Gawi Dance which originates from the district of Ende in Flores, but there is another traditional dance that is just as remarkable. Ende’s neighbour, the district of Nagekeo in Flores, is home to the Tea Eku Dance, a traditional dance that originates back centuries.

Usually performed by four to six beautiful female dancers, each dancer carry with her a small handkerchief as a symbolic attribute. Tea Eku itself comes from the words “Tea” and “Eku”. “Tea” means the vibration of the music and the movements of the dancer’s legs while “Eku” means the gentle movements of the waving handkerchief.

Tea Eku performance is usually accompanied by traditional music such as Gong GendangGong Gendang music is usually adjusted to the dance movements so as to produce a harmonious movement. The entrancing music made by the Gong Gendang is often referred to as Paka Tea Eko

In addition to being performed at traditional ceremonies, the Tea Eku dance is also performed to welcome guests, at wedding celebrations,  at art events and cultural celebrations.

Article Source: Tempolagu.com
Photo credits to  Tempolagu.com

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