Takpala Village; A Place Set In Time

Takpala Village; A Place Set In Time

Takpala village is a traditional village in Alor Island, a small and untouched, raw and rugged island just east of Larantuka in Flores. Here, you’ll find everything as it was a hundred years ago – free of development, modernity and pollution; beautiful and untouched, as God intended it to be. Nestled at the top of a hill, Takpala village is just walking distance away from the beach. All the houses here are located in the shape of a pyramid and are made using sustainable and indigenous materials like Lontar leaves, coconut fronds and wood. This primitive home is without any doors or windows and traditionally, it is called a “Lopo”.

Imagine a simple gazebo held together by six wooden pillars and covered almost to the ground with Lontar leaves and you’ll get a Lopo. There are two types of Lopo in Takpala village; Kolwat and Kanaruat. Kolwat is a type of Lopo which everyone can enter. While Kanaruat is a type of Lopo which only few can enter. There is another type of house called Fala Foka. It’s a traditional house with 4 levels occupied by 10 to 13 families.

People who live in Takpala village are from the Abui tribe, the biggest in Alor archipelago. They are well-known for their friendly personality and will gladly welcome tourists who come to visit with a breathtaking traditional dance called Lego-lego. Throughout the performance, men will wear traditional Abui attire and carry weapons and shields. If you want to try on the traditional garments, you can do so and take pictures with the locals.

The people of Takpala village work as farmers and hunters mainly to find food and sustain their families. They mainly eat cassava and corn. Just like in other parts of Flores, the ladies in Takpala village work on their Ikat Tenun. They also make rattan bags and handicrafts from bamboo.

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