Snorkeling Komodo and Flores

The island of Flores is located within the coral triangle, where there are over 600 species of corals. The area is also home to six out of seven turtle species and more than 2000 species of fish. The coral triangle supports and sustains large populations of tuna.

All the coral reefs around Flores are being well protected as a UNESCO world heritage site as are the coral reefs near Komodo Island. It has been described by scientists as one of the most diverse marine habitats on earth. However, around the islands of Komodo National Park, the current is quite strong so take that in mind. Another beautiful site to snorkel is around Maumere and the 17 islands. These are very interesting as they are not much visited.

Around the island of Gili Lawa, you can experience exceptional coral reefs not too far, from the beach. From approximately 100 to 200 meters the beautiful reefs can be seen and the current is not extremely strong. It is a perfect location for first time snorkelling and in addition, you will find plenty of fish in their natural habitat like the clown fish! Bear in mind that snorkel sets can’t always be rented and it is wise and hygienic to bring your own.

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