Snorkeling & Exploring Kanawa Island

Credits to: @robbertdegroot

Our adventure to the Komodo National Park begins at the Labuan Bajo harbour by boat. The park consists of three big islands; Rinca, Komodo and Padar as well as an estimated 26 smaller ones. As per our itinerary, we had planned for snorkeling and swimming at Kanawa, and we just couldn’t wait! Along the way, we saw many beautiful smaller islands, some with sparkling white sandy beaches, others with lots of greeneries and plunging cliffs. The view along the 2-hour boat ride was magnificent to say the least, and we passed the time by taking pictures and having lunch on the boat. As we approached Kanawa, we saw the most dazzlingly blue crystal clear water. There were myriad fish and sea corals, which are visible from the surface. The island is small but it can be described as a hidden beauty, with no other people or tourists, rendering it absolutely amazing.

Upon docking at the pier, we were told that we could swim, snorkel or just soak up the beauty and take more pictures. I decide to go snorkeling to discover the tantalizingly alluring waters of the Komodo National Park for myself. Before jumping into the water, I could already see blue sea stars and large schools of fish from the pier. Swimming a little bit further away, I saw many more sea stars and corals; it was just astonishing. On the pristine beach, we found hidden sea shells in the sand. I take a moment to capture this moment before heading back onto the boat for our next stop, Manta Point.

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* By Monique Sinke

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