Sleeping Beauty Island at Dintor Beach

Another sparkling white sandy beach in East Manggarai, Pantai Dintor or Dintor Beach is quite the favourite with locals. The beach is clean and pristine; the water is clear blue with touches of turquoise and emerald green. Along the shoreline, there are groves of shady trees where visitors can sit under and relax. From here, you’d enjoy a clear view of Mules Island, or Pulau Mules, a tiny island located south of Manggarai and is home to three villages; Labuan Taur, Peji and Konggang. From a distance, Mules Island appears to look like a sleeping princess, which caused the locals to give it another name, Nuca Molas (Sleeping Beauty Island). To get to Dintor Beach, you’d need to travel for a couple of hours by car or bike from Ruteng, the capital city of Manggarai. Along the way, you’ll be sure to discover even more beautiful, untouched and hidden virgin beaches just like Dintor Beach. Those feeling adventurous can brave the high waves and take a small wooden boat to Mules Island. *Photo by @traveljunkieid

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