Sacred Rainbow Hill of NTT

Kelabba Maja, The Sacred Rainbow Hill of NTT

East Nusa Tenggara has beautiful destinations like the Painted Hills in Oregon and Rainbow Mountain on Zhangye Danxia of ​​China. Here in NTT, you can find one named Kelabba Maja. This area has its own uniqueness because of the combination of natural tourism, adventure and culture from local religious beliefs.

Kelabba Maja are not your regular hills. They are special and unique – these irregular cliffs appear as though they have been with giant brushes in multiple colours such as white, brown, blue and red. The locals call it Pelangi Hill, or Rainbow Hill. A few large flat stones are balanced delicately on pointed clifftops. The locals consider the stones a symbol of father, mother and child.

The residents of Gelanalalu Village believe that Kelabba Maja is the land where the God Maja There is a special stone here that is used for worship and sacrifice to beg for protection from God Maja. It is a sacred place, so visitors are advised to watch their behaviour and words while there.

Written by Olo Nadeak
With edits by Flores Plus editor

Photo credits to  @visitntt_ on Instagram

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