Ruteng is a small city located in the western part of Flores; it is also the capital city of the Manggarai Regency. In and around the city, you’ll find the most beautiful rice fields and terraces as well as important coffee producing areas. The city itself is relatively large with a supermarket, several ATM’s and various shops. A well preserved ancient Manggarai custom is still being practiced today; Caci Dance (whip fighting). This is mostly practiced at wedding and other traditional ceremonies but also serves as a tourist attraction. If you are interested you can visit the local market and ask but make sure to bring a good translator to make sure there is no misunderstanding.

The city is located near the Trans Flores Highway and therefore easily accessible for tourists. It offers a wide variety of accommodations and restaurants. As the city is situated near the foot of a mountain there is a slight cooler climate which is very relaxing. The Cathedral of Ruteng is standing proudly in the city center and can be recognized by its red chapels. If you wish to have a look inside you can simply make inquiries. By bus there is a good connection between the other cities of Flores.

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Travel tips

  • Visit the Komodo National Park
  • Watch the fruit bats flying out in search of food
  • Attend the Caci whip fights
  • Soak up some culture by visiting the Cathedral or local market


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