Ruteng Pu’u Village

Ruteng Pu’u Village

Ruteng Pu’u Village is a traditional village with traditional compang in the centre of village for ceremonies and rituals. A compang is a round platform made of stone and is surrounded by a circle of stones and traditional houses. It is used for sacrificial offerings during traditional ceremonies. In the village you can see the traditional houses and cultural charm of ceremonies, without too many tourists around since most travellers oversee this village. There used to be a Beringin tree, locally know as a Ruteng, in the center of the Compang but nowadays the tree is replaced by a Dadap tree.

Recently the village has joined the Eco Flores Homestay Network. Two community members has joined the village and are helping to set up the homestay community. They do this by providing training in tourism, waste management and English. With this knowledge they can create better village activities and make the experience of visiting the village even more unforgettable.

Ruteng Pu’u Village is located in Golo Dukal sub-distrcit, Manggarai and is only 4km from Ruteng town. The village is accessible by car or motorbike. You can even walk from of the centre of Ruteng. The village offers low-budget restaurants and accommodations.

Travel tips

  • Bring enough food and water since there are no shops around.

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