Ruteng Hit By Marble-Sized Hail

Residents of Ruteng in Manggarai were struck by surprise when marble-sized hail rained down on their little town on Thursday (12/26). Temperatures dropped as hail fell continuously along with strong winds and rain for 15 minutes. A video that went viral showed residents joyously digging their bare feet into piles of ice balls on the ground as hail continued to fall all around.

Despite the welcoming drop in the temperature, the hail storm did cause a number of hairline cracks and minimal damages to roofs and houses in the area.

According to the staff at the Manggarai’s Agency of Disaster Mitigation, Putri Firmaning Utami, heavy rains began to fall in Ruteng at approximately 2 pm on the day before the hailstorm hit at 3.05 pm. Soon after, the streets were flooded with pellets of ice. Through a statement released on Saturday (12/28), the Agency of Meteorology and Geophysics explained that hail is a natural phenomenon which is formed through the same process as rain. Due to lower cloud temperatures, water in the clouds would freeze and come down as pellets of ice. Residents are warned to stay alert.

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