Rote’s Nemberala Beach

While you’re in Rote, you must visit Nemberala Beach, one of the most popular beaches here and a favourite destination for surfers thanks to the large South and South West swells. Also known as T-Land Beach, this is the site to an international surfing competition that takes place from September to October every year. In fact, this beach owes its rise to fame to surfers who came to ride its challenging barrels. For those who do not want to surf, you can chill and relax or sunbathe on the beach. Aside to the virgin white sands and awesome breaks, there isn’t much else to be found here. Nature lovers will have the time of their lives away from all the hustle and bustle. Snorkel and dive – there’s a rich underwater world waiting for you. There are also a couple of nice resorts on Nemberala Beach, catering to surfers, adventurers and those who just love to explore places that are well off the beaten path. *Photo by

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