Rii Taa Isla and Nangadhawe

Rii Taa Isla and Nangadhawe

Attention to those who want to enjoy Flores in a quieter and less touristic environment. These two places are perfect if you want to escape the busier mainland and tourist attractions.

If you enjoy nice beaches, Rii Taa Isla might be the perfect spot for you. Rii Taa Isla is an island only consisting out of a white sand beach. It is one of the most beautiful parts of the Nagekeo district or even in Flores! You can travel to this island from the port of Marapokot, which is where local fishermen gather with their boats. From here, the island is only one hour away. During your boat trip, you will be rewarded with stunning views and picture perfect blue water. Since the water is crystal clear you can even spot some fish from the boat. The island is no bigger than a fifteen-meter width. You can say it is a pretty small island, but the perfect getaway. For those who love silence, this place will be dominated by it! All you will hear is the sound of the ocean and some seagulls. If it gets too quiet, which is understandable, you can also snorkel here and explore the underwater world. Make sure you bring enough food, water and all the essentials to the island since you won’t find anything here. No shops, no restaurant, no hotels, just you and your loved ones.

Another place where its beauty comes from simplicity is Nangadhawe Village, which is located in the sub-district Aesesa. The village used to be well-known for its sea salt processing and even was supported by the Indonesian Ministry of Labor, but in 2005 the project stopped. Nowadays you can find a stretched out plain area, with a Lake in the middle. Lake Nanga inhabits different fish species, especially shellfish. Once a year, the community catch the fish in the lake, which will start with a traditional ritual. Lake Nanga is actually a part of the sea and is surrounded by black sand. You will also find a stunning appearance by two huge rocks that stand out in the plain area. There are also no facilities available here.

Travel tips

  • Organize your trip to both places a day beforehand.
  • Both places are not for those who get easily bored and don’t want to lay around.
  • When going to Nangadhawe Village it’s recommended to go with a local guide.
  • If you get seasick on the boat and you want to go to Rii Taa Isla, make sure you take a pill and tell the crew of the boat beforehand. They will make sure you will be fine.

Photo courtesy: http://gobalikomodo.com/?Tourist_Spots_in_Nagekeo_Flores

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