Religion & Elections: East Flores Votes

The people of Larantuka in East Flores are urging relevant authorities to bring forward the date for the upcoming General Elections (KPU) as 17th April 2019 will fall on the same day as the holy Catholic pilgrimage, the Semana Santa which attracts thousands upon thousands of devotees every year.

Chief of East Flores General Election Commission, Kornelis Abon told ANTARA that the people are urging authorities to accelerate voting times so as to end all voting-related activities including the counting of ballots by 5pm on the day. This is so that activities for Semana Santa could resume as per normal.

To date, there is still no set decisions as to whether the government will agree to accelerate the calculation of ballots and all voting related activities to before 5pm on the same day or to completely bring forward the election day for East Flores.

Local authorities areconcerned that community participation on the day will be low due to the Semana Santa celebrations.

Article Source: CNN Indonesia
Photo Credits: Valentino Luis

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