Reba Traditional Ceremony

January / February 2020, Kampung Adat Bena

Reba is one of the most important ceremonies in the Ngada district – it is a thanksgiving celebration held annually to thank God and to honour their ancestors for blessing the villagers with good harvest and wealth. This ceremony is held over three days and is packed with rituals, food crops and livestock and focuses on the legend of the ancestors and how they travelled far and wide to find a better place to live. The are many different stages to the ceremony; preparations and rituals begin one week ahead of the actual day and is followed by the collecting of offerings, receiving guests, dancing, reciting original myths, and praising the yam root as yam used to be the most important and staple food in the past. As the village Bena is considered the mother of all Ngada villages, this ceremony will take place here first, followed by other villages in January including Langa, Nage and Wogo and Ruto, Deru or Turekisa in February. *Photo by

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