Quick Guide to Labuan Bajo and the Komodo National Park

Quick Guide To
Labuan Bajo & The Komodo National Park

So, you’re planning a trip to Flores, Indonesia. Just like thousands of other tourists, you’re probably heading to the Komodo National Park to see the dragons and to get your Instagram shot at the peak of Padar Island.

As you search the internet, you come across plenty of exciting posts about all the wonders of the island including those inside and outside the Komodo National Park such as Kelimutu National Park, the 17 Islands Marine Park and the astounding beauty of East Flores, the likes of Larantuka and Adonara.

Padar Island in the Komodo National Park

To better plan your Flores trip, it would be best to understand a little more about the island. Flores is a big island, it stretches 360km from west to east. It is home to 8 different districts and 7 different airports. It’s best to do your due diligence before boarding that plane!

If you’re heading to Komodo National Park, then you’re booking your flight to the Komodo International Airport in Labuan Bajo. For all of Flores’s other districts and airports, click here. Read on below to learn more about Labuan Bajo.

Entrance to the Komodo National Park at Loh Buaya

Important Things To Know:
Komodo National Park & Labuan Bajo

When you think Komodo National Park (KNP), think Labuan Bajo. You can’t get into the KNP without landing in Labuan Bajo as it is the gateway to the Komodo National Park. The city itself is located within West Manggarai district. Read more about how to get to Labuan Bajo here.

Labuan Bajo is located in the West of Flores, it is the gateway to the Komodo National Park. The map on the left shows the area that encompasses Komodo National Park and all the islands that are included in it.

The park is located off the mainland of West Flores – you’ll need to charter a boat to get to the Park, which has two major points of entry; Loh Liang in Komodo Island and Loh Buaya on Rinca Island.

Other islands within the park are Padar Island, Seraya Island, Kalong Island as well as 26 other smaller islands.

Must See & Do Within The Komodo National Park

1. Komodo Island – see the Komodo Dragons and to visit the Pink Beach
2. Rinca Island – see the Komodo Dragons and go trekking
3. Padar Island – for the most breathtaking views from the peak
3. Kalong Island – a swampy island overrun with mangroves, home to thousands of bats
4. Manta Point – To swim and snorkel with the Manta Rays

As the Komodo National Park is made up of numerous tiny islands, the best way to explore the park is by boat! The trend there is to opt for a “liveaboard” option, where you could stay in an entire yacht or a boat with your friends; sleep, dine, wine, relax and enjoy one of the world’s most beautiful vistas from the comforts of your sailing ship.

The waters surrounding the Komodo National Park is one of the richest marine environments on earth. Thanks to its location, the park is part of the Coral Triangle and is home to over 1000 species of fish, 350 species of reef-building coral and 70 species of sponges as well as dugongs, sharks, manta rays, whales, dolphins and sea turtles.

Your guide will also take you to deserted islands so you can explore as well as show you all the best places to dive and snorkel!

Click here to read about the best time to visit Komodo National Park.

Explore West Manggarai, West Flores

If you have extra time on your holiday, why not explore the rest of West Maggarai? As mentioned above, Labuan Bajo is  located within West Manggarai and it acts as the district’s capital city.

For the true adventurer, you can consider heading to Ruteng, another major city, the capital of Manggarai and East Manggarai’s capital Borong.

Photo of Wae Rebo by @thefreedomcomplex

Click here to read about the 5 best places to visit in West Manggarai, including:

-Wae Rebo
– Lingko Spider Web Rice Fields, and
– Liang Bua

We hope that this has been useful to you on your upcoming travels. To find out more on Flores’s fascinating districts, click here and do leave a comment on our Facebook page and Instagram account to let us know what you think. Join us next week as we Rediscover Hidden Paradise and be sure to tag #floresplus to be featured!

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