Poor Mobile Coverage in Detuwulu Village

People who live in cities might find it easier to fulfil their daily tasks as they’ll enjoy amazing telephone and internet signals, but not here in Detuwulu village in Marole district, Ende, Flores.

According to Nextren, the people in Detuwulu village would have to embark on an approximately 1 kilometre hike to get to an area with good mobile coverage. The villagers are complaining of isolation and are worried about not being able to receive updates and important information. The head of the village, Donbosko added that the local authorities are not able to attend local meetings or events as they are unable to receive the latest information and/or instructions. He is hoping that the government will help to improve mobile coverage in his village.

“We have to travel at least 1 kilometre on foot just to make a phone call,” added Donbosko to Nextren.

Furthermore, public facilities such as schools, hospitals and offices here also depending on mobile coverage to be able to carry out their tasks and to receive important updates and information.

The Detuwulu is a remote village situated in Marole district, in the region of Ende. It is located about 74 kilometres from the city of Ende.


Article source: https://nextren.grid.id/read/011905395/dahaga-warga-di-ende-flores-mencari-sinyal-telepon-seluler-harus-jalan-kaki-dulu-1-km?page=2

Photo source: Unsplash


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