Pemana Islands

Pemana Islands

Flores is full of little islands and new places to explore. If you are done with your road trip through Flores, you might want to explore a small chain of islands also known as the Pemana Islands. Located in the Sikka regency, these islands are great if you want to get away from tourists and travellers and want go off the beaten track. The Pemana Islands are great for a single day trip or longer. It depends if you have enough discipline to stick to your schedule and leave the white sandy beaches and clear blue sea.

The small island chain consists of seven different islands: Pulau Besar, which is the main island, Koja Do’I Island, Pengabatang Island, Pulau Babi, Sukun, Palu’e and Permana Kambing. As you can see, there are plenty of grounds to explore but if you rather stick to the ocean, then these islands are also the perfect place for you. On the islands there are beautiful snorkelling and diving sites. Pulau Babi has amazing coral reefs. You can go for a relaxing swim as the water is so clear that you can see through it. If you’re done exploring, then the white sandy beaches and sunny weather are the right fit for you. Since the islands are still untouched and undeveloped, you can sit, relax and get a tan on one of the many deserted beaches.

The best way to go to Pemana Island is to rent your own boat. You can go by public boat but this will force you to stay overnight since the earliest boat back arrives next morning at 8am. From Maumere to the Islands it is only one and a half hour journey. But if you don’t want to go with a public boat and want a bit more freedom, it is highly recommended to rent your own boat. By negotiating with locals and fishermen you can maybe even hire a captain with a boat as well. If you plan to stay the night on one of the islands, be prepared. There are no hotels on the island you will probably have to camp outside or you will have to ask if you can stay in one of the villages on the island.

Travel tips

  • Spend the night in Gununsari Village to enhance your experience. Bring your own sleeping bag and some food, which you will have to share with the host.
  • If you want to make this a snorkelling or diving tip, rent and organise this beforehand in Maumere since there is no equipment on the islands.

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