Oa, A Virgin Beach In East Flores

Oa, A Virgin Beach In East Flores

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East Flores, where Larantuka is located, is known for its mesmerizing Semana Santa procession that takes place every Easter. But did you know that East Flores is also home to some of the most beautiful beaches that you can visit? Oa Beach is one such beach. Oa in the local language means young girl, or rather, a young, beautiful and innocent girl who has never been touched. Oa Beach is a hidden pearl that can be found in the district of Wulanggitang, South Beach, East Flores.

To get to Oa Beach, you need to drive 90km from Maumere and turn right when you reach Boru market. Then, continue on towards South Beach. You can also reach Oa Beach from Larantuka; drive for 50km and when you reach the intersection at Boru market, drive straight towards South Beach for 15km until you see the coast.

Here, you’ll find beautiful white powdery sands with soft clear waves that are completely free from pollution and waste. This beautiful sight will definitely erase all of the feelings of fatigue and stress. The local community is also friendly and helpful; you won’t lose any time if you want to make friends!

The backdrop to Oa Beach is the magnificent Lewotobi Mountain, an active volcano that is famously depicted in Rudyard Kipling’s stories as Loby Toby. Also located near to Oa Beach is Roka Beach, an equally pristine and beautiful beach that’s great for an afternoon of fun with the whole family.

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