Nggua Uwi, Joka Ju, dan Teas Wela

October – Ende, Flores

Every October, the villagers of Detusoko Village in Ende, Flores holds a thanksgiving and cleansing ceremony that lasts the entire month which takes place right after the traditional Nggua ceremony, a post-harvest feast held for 2 weeks every September to express thanks and gratitude to God and the powers that be for good harvests and stock yield. The Nggua Uwi, Joka Ju, dan Teas Wela rituals are seen as traditional parties or opening ceremonies for the next planting season and an opportunity to give thanks to the ancestors. As per all traditional ceremonies, there will be feasting, traditional performances, prayers, cleansing rituals for the sacred traditional homes, presentation of offerings for the ancestors and the general giving of thanks and prayers for good bounty and harvest to come. *Photo by Ian Bala.

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