New Team for Managing Komodo National Park

Environment and Forestry Ministry Plans to Establish Team for Komodo National Park

The natural Resource and Ecosystem Conservation (KSDAE) Directorate General, East Nusa Tenggara provincial administration and West Manggarai regency administration has approved the proposal by the Environment and Forestry Ministry to create a special team for Komodo National Park. The decision was taken during the discussion held in Jakarta on Wednesday (6/2).

The idea was proposed upon the shutdown issue of the Komodo National Park by the East Nusa Tenggara regional government. Studies will be conducted by the new established team to bring new ideas and plans in managing the national park in the future, especially to eliminate the negative impact of tourism while preserving and protecting the natural habitat of Komodo dragon in the national park so the decision upon the park’s disclosure can be avoided.

Aside from that, the meeting also discussed about the organization of boat entrances and ticket sales for the park. it is agreed that it will be organized at one point in Labuan Bajo Port. Labuan Bajo is selected because the island is still part of the Komodo National Park, and to control over the people who are visiting the area since many of them are have been caught sneaking into the national park through unofficial entrance without paying any fee.

According to a press released by KSDAE Director General Wiratno, his team and together with the Finance Ministry, Tourism Ministry, ASITA and Tour Operators will also evaluate the price of the entrance fee. The evaluation will also include improvement in infrastructure and facilities in the area, especially the tourism management system like the information centre, and creating more opportunities for other parties to collaborate in improving the management and licensing for service and facilities in natural attractions.

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