Nagekeo Seafood Festival

The Governor of East Nusa Tenggara, Viktor Bungtilu Laiskodat and the Vice Governor, Josef Nai Soi, asked all the 23 regencies in East Nusa Tenggara to hold a festival that should promote the local heritage of each region in NTT through cultural festival, tenun festival, nature festival, and the local culinary festival. All the regents should work hard in promoting the unique potency of each region.

The Nagekeo regent, Johanes Don Bosco Do, through his vision of “Bela Beli Nagekeo” held the Nagekeo Seafoood Festival from June 14th to June 20th in Nangadhero beach at Aesesa. The event is also the first seafood festival to be held in East Nusa Tenggara.

“For the recent times, the government have always held cultural and nature festivals but have not yet worked for a festival with seafood from the Flores waters. Thus, Nagekeo district hold this Nagekeo Seafood Festival 2019,” stated the regent to on Monday (6/17/2019).

Johanes explained that the northern and southern part of Nagekeo are blessed with beautiful nature, cultures, and filled with abundant ocean resources that must be promoted.

Since first being elected as the regent of the district, Johanes and the vice regent of Nagekeo district encourage the local community, especially the younger generations, to improve creativity and leadership through positive and productive activities.

He also further explained that this Nagekeo Seafood Festival 2019 aims to put more attentions for the prosperities of the local fishermen since they only depend on the local traditional market to sell their products.

The fishermen from Nangadhero village grilled around a thousand of fishes at the peak of the Nagekeo Seafood Festival. Many stalls from the local residents filled the area, one of them served the local produced chocolates from the residents at Maunori. The festival was also filled with cultural performances, live music and talkshow.

The Maumere navy force also helped in supporting the event, together with the local community, by cleaning around the area of the festival.


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